With the country fast approaching the referendum on June 23, it is difficult to keep pace with the arguments on both sides. Those in favour of Brexit propose that Britain would benefit from its own trade deals and border controls while opponents wager that the economy would falter without the EU as a safety net.

Whatever your own personal views, you may have considered what effect the referendum will have on your own portfolio – particularly as media reports suggest that markets will be volatile in the aftermath of the vote, no matter what the outcome.

Of course, despite their best efforts, editors cannot predict what is going to happen. Your best bet is to ensure your finances are in order and can withstand whatever eventuality is presented. Is your portfolio sufficiently diversified to mitigate any effects of the vote? Does your investment plan still reflect your attitude to risk and your goals for the future?

At Cavendish, our clients have peace of mind that the portfolios they hold are well-diversified and are not overly exposed to the UK. Any impact caused by Brexit should therefore be minimal.

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