The results of the EU Referendum vote on Thursday 23 June 2016 continue to generate as many ‘what ifs’ as the long-running campaign leading up to the decision.

As the politicians busy themselves with the revolving door of Westminster and the new Prime Minister takes the keys to Number 10, the rest of the nation braces for further major implications of the Leave result.

It is very clear that at this stage little is known about how the UK political settlement, trade and investment flows will be affected in years to come. Similarly, none of us can accurately predict how household finances will be affected in terms of how we live, work and travel. What will happen to tax, to house prices and to regulations? Perhaps very little at all. As the coming months reveal the extent of what happens next, the Bank of England can act to support the country’s monetary policy and to ensure stability.

While a number of short to medium term domestic financial risks have come into sharper focus with a vote to leave, personal investing remains a long term game where the only constant is uncertainty.

As an investor, is your portfolio able to withstand whatever eventuality is presented? Now is the time to check if it is sufficiently globally diversified to be sheltered from any future loss of confidence in the UK market.

At Cavendish our client portfolios are created to be robust in full knowledge that major geo-political events will occur with reasonable frequency. Do you have that same peace of mind in your investment plan?

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