The HMRC tax revenue from individuals breaching limits on yearly pensions’ savings has been announced as £517m in 2016-17 – a sharp increase from £143m the previous year. Some 16,590 pension savers reported the breach of the annual allowance rate of £40,000 through their tax returns. Only 5,430 individuals reported a breach in the previous year.

At the same time, the taxman’s yield from taxpayers breaking the lifetime allowance reached £102m in 2016-2017, up from £66m in the year before.

The lifetime allowance has been cut from £1.8m in 2012 to just £1m now. The annual allowance was reduced from £255,000 to £40,000 while a new tapered annual allowance has reduced the general limit on a sliding scale down to £10,000 for high earners.

Since ‘pension simplification’ in 2006, total annual allowance tax charges have netted over £1,200m and lifetime allowance breaches have generated a revenue of £335m

With such income-generation possibilities, we may expect to witness further cuts to the allowances in the future.

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