Dr Bernard Logan

Dr Bernard Logan is a former anaesthetist. He retired from his NHS practice at Moorfields in 2006 and subsequently bought a yacht to sail around the Caribbean.

I started sailing in 1986, enjoying many trips around the Caribbean and Mediterranean before I retired and finally turned my hobby into a full-time passion. I really enjoy it and don’t miss the work at all!

We have sailed through a hurricane in the Caribbean which was rather interesting. My wife was below deck while I manned the boat. Most sailors would agree there’s ‘a big blow and you get a bit wet’. Our family thought we were crazy.

We like St Lucia, particularly Rodney Bay.

My first choice for a career was to be a hotel manager in a prestigious hotel. I was put off the career, by virtue of the need to spend six months in a kitchen! As I hated cooking, this was a non-starter!

I also wanted to be a dress designer and work in the fashion industry. I didn’t have the necessary contacts and it was a closed business back then unless you knew the right people.

I actually found it easier to get into medicine – I got the ‘nod of the head’ from a consultant I knew and started my career from then on.

I would love to meet the American actor Morgan Freeman. What an amazing voice! We have WIFI and DVD players on board the boat and we pick up US TV. Strangely, the thing I miss most from home are the ads! American style advertisements are dreadful.

We think we might sell the boat in another two years so we will be planning some more adventures. I will miss it but I’m looking forward to taking a trip on the Nile and seeing Australia and New Zealand. The best bit about not working is that we can really take our time and enjoy discovering new countries.

Pathétique, Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6, which was actually his final completed symphony.

If you want to keep your friends, don’t talk politics, money or religion.

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